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İcra Hakimiyyəti
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There are 65 schools in the Gabala region. 53 out  of them  are  complete secondary school, 11  secondary schools,  4  are  primary schools.
Schools  started  new  academic  year  of  2013-2014  with  16315 pupils  and  1547 of them  admitted to the first class. 2012-2013  academic  year  was  remarkable  with  getting  of  gold  medal by our  5  graduates and  honours diploma by  2  graduates. 795 graduates  from  1374 one  who  graduated  secondary education  course submitted  documents  for  entering   universities,  496 persons  from them  admitted to the   higher schools. 104   persons   who admitted  to  the higher  schools got more than  500  points, 27  persons got    more than  600  points. The  best  results  during the  entrance  examinations  were shown  by  Gafarli Shahnaz  Bahman  (692  point)  -the graduate  of  Full Secondary  School  No 1  of Zaragan village  and  Afandiyeva  Ayisha  Adalat  (688 point) –graduate  of  Full Secondary School No 5  in the  city   and  both  of them  were awarded  with the  presidential scholarship  by the Decree  of   President  of  the  Azerbaijan  Republic.
In the  current  year,  the  material-technical base of  educational and training  institutions  has  been  improved  significantly.  Thus, school  building with  180  place   were  constructed  and commissioned  for  Full Secondary  School  of  Kichik Pirelli  that  was  in need  of   building  and  fundamental and current  repair  works  were  carried  out  at   Tikanly,  Hamzali  as well as  at  city  Full Secondary  schools No 4  with the  close support  of REP.
Also,  the  construction    school  buildings  with 220  places  started  for  General  Secondary  School  of  Ziring  village which  is  in poor condition ,  with  80  places   for General  Secondary  School  of  Yengija village and  with  360  places  for city  full  secondary  school  No  5.