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Region championship was held on “Shahin” military-sports game.

30 March 2014 | 16:00

Region championship on “Shahin” military-sports game, that plays a vital role in strengthening military-patriotic education of the youth, increasing their physical training and in military training, was held at the full secondary school № 2 organized by the Youth and Sports Department of Gabala on 29 March, 2014 in Gabala. The Head of the region’s Youth and Sports Department Fakhri Sultanov made speech at the opening ceremony of the competition, welcomed the young “shahinlar” and stated that the purpose of holding “Shahin” military - sports game was strengthening military - patriotic education further among schoolchildren, improving their military training by involving a great deal of secondary school pupils to military - sports games. The game was held in intense competitive atmosphere among X-XI grade pupils of secondary schools of the region. Stage of line preparation was held in accordance with the Regulations of the competition, afterwards the teams continued struggle in relay stage.According to the final result of the competition, the team of  full secondary school of Soltankhana village won the first place, the team of  full secondary school № 2 of Gabala won the second place, while  full secondary school № 1  of Gabala won the third place. Winning teams were presented certificates of Youth and Sports Department.