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Qabala region was founded on the 8th of September, 1930 as one of Azerbaijan Republic administrative regions. The territory of Qabala region composing 1/50 part of the Republic is 1550 км2. On 4th of January, 1963 Qabala region territory was appended to Agdash region area, but since 17th of January, 1964 it was again transformed into a separate administrative region.
Until 7th of February, 1991 the region have been called as Qutqashin, but since this period of time the ancient name of the region was renovated and it started to be named as Qabala.
There are one city (Qabala), 3 settlements (Vendum, Bum and Nidj) and 60 village type administrative divisions in the region. These settlements are regulated by 60 representative offices of administrative divisions and 29 municipalities. 
The administrative center of the region  - Qabala city (previously Qutqashin) had a status of  a village until 1959, in 1959-1974 years it was a settlement and since 15th of March, 1974  it became a city. The population of modern developing day by day Qabala city, which is situated at 900 m height above sea level on right «Demiraparan» riverside is 108879 (data for 01.01.2024). The distance between Baku and the region is 225 km.
Qabala region situated on historical «Silk Way», distinguishing with its unique natural-climatic conditions, mountain air, mineral resources, rough waterfalls, rapid mountain rivers, dark blue landscape and famous with the remnants of ancient Caucasus Albania capital – Qabala city and tens other historical monuments, has very comprehensive recreation and tourism facilities. Moreover, last years in private sector the quantity of tourist complexes and rest homes is rapibly growing. It should be mentioned that for pleasant rest of guests arriving in such available in region hotels as «Caucasus Resort», «Caucasus Riverside», «Qabala Garden», «Qabala» and «Caravan» as well as a therapeutic-sanatory center «Yengidja» and rest homes  «Khanlar», «Chenlibel», «Semerana», «Duyma», «Yeddi gozel», «Sakhil», «Selbasar»  all possible conditions have been provided. Taking into account the perspective development of tourism in Qabala and growing necessity in local personnel, in region relevant preliminaries have been carried out for opening of a special educational center on tourism and hotel business in center of Qabala. And at last God has not stinted and endowed Qabala lavishly with fantastic natural beauty and rich resources. And hospitable inhabitants of Qabala distinguishing with their rich history and peculiar national traditions are always ready to accept openheartedly any well-wishing one, who wants to visit and look at these lands.