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Board meeting under the Head of Executive power of Gabala Region.

04 April 2014 | 15:00

The condition of the medical examination of the people was discussed in connection with the first issue on the agenda. The instruction of the President Mr. İlham Aliyev on conducting medical examination of all citizens from February 17 up to 2014 to May 1 was met with great enthusiasm in the region and the instruction of the President was valued as a successful step taken towards disease prevention. Head of the Executive Power of Gabala Region Mr. Sabuhi Abdullayev made speech on the importance of clinical examination of the people in details in the board meeting held in Executive Power of Gabala Region related to the condition of the medical examination, emphasized that the great works have been done on the economic development, as well as healthcare and the health of the society as the logical consequence of the care and attention of President Mr. Ilham Aliyev.  The speaker noted that health care facilities of various profiles are constructed, current medical centers are repaired at the high level and equipped with modern medical equipment, the material and technical base is strengthened in the regions in compliance with the State Programs, orders and decrees signed by the President who always kept the issues of public health in the center of attention. Sabuhi Abdullayev stated that these works are successfully executed in the region and gave relevant instructions to a number of agencies and service organizations for the fulfilment of additional works in connection with the completion of this essential event at the appropriate level and in this regard, for the execution of upcoming tasks.Deputy Head of the executive power of the region Ataya Osmanova reported on the condition of the medical examination of the people, stated that some individuals were diagnosed with blood pressure, diabetes, blood, cardiovascular, respiratory and joint diseases and the citizens diagnosed with  infectious diseases were involved in hospital treatment and registered in dispensary. Afterwards, the speeches were made on the issue. Deputy Head of executive power of the region – Head of the Department of Agrarian Affairs provided information Rahib Ahmadov on the second issue on the agenda – the works carried out for the development of gardening, seedling planting in the region. The speaker stated that more attention was given to the development of gardening, wine growing and in accordance with the Decree signed by the President Ilham Aliyev “On state support to agricultural producers” and consequently, garden plots and vineyards have reached 6854 hectares, 458 hectares, respectively. In the end, Rahib Ahmadov stressed that the works in this direction will be expanded further. The decision was made upon the discussion of the issue and the board meeting was finalized by Head of Executive Power of the region Mr. Sabuhi Abdullayev.