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İcra Hakimiyyəti
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"Qabala Qida Village"

The creation of a variety of plants in "Qabala Qida Village " is considered an important contribution to the development of the supply industry to meet modern and competitive standards. Implementation of such projects once again demonstrates the successful and long-lasting nature of the orders of the Head of State in relation to food security of the country. In the " Gilan Qida Village " two new enterprises are built. The total area of the construction of new enterprises is 120 thousand square meters. In the enterprise for potatoes processing two lines of production are designed.
Here the semi-finished frozen potatoes and potato chips are produced. The production capacity of the production line of the semi-finished frozen potatoes for an hour is 3 tons of finished products. The production capacity of the production line of chips for an hour is 1 ton of finished products. Both production lines are operated with fully automated system. Raw materials are placed in the primary cooling warehouse with an area of up to 6000 square meters. In the company the quality control laboratories also operate. Before sending to production the physical and chemical characteristics of the product are checked. The products manufactured here are exported to many foreign countries. The company planned the production of 48 assortments in 9 types of packaging for the three lines of production. The enterprise produces about 10 thousand liters per hour of ice tea and drinks with slices of fruits in plastic containers through the hot filling. Another line is provided for the production of finished soda and other carbonated beverage coolers, carbonated and non carbonated water to 36 million liters. And in the line where hourly production capacity of the finished product is 5000 liters, carbonated and non carbonated water, and carbonated cooling drinks are produced. In the enterprise prior to the step of packaging the components manufactured on the basis of certain recipes are tested in the laboratory and go into production after approval. Here, the entire production process is fully automated.