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Gabala Canning Factory

Ancient Gabala city located in the mountains is one of the paradise corners of Azerbaijan. Gabala is famous not only for its rich history, but also for fertile lands, charming nature and productive fruits gardens. Today, “JALƏ” and “ЗОЛОТОЙ САД” juice are also manufactured here - Gabala Canning Factory. The largest fruit processing in the South Caucasus factory for its production capacity, Gabala Canning Factory has taken on a leadership role in Azerbaijani market with its own tasty products that meet international standards though it is still very young. Gabala Canning Factory, which is situated in the area of 13 hectares, has the capacity of processing 70 000 tons and producing 210 000 tons of fruit juice is equipped with the most modern equipments produced in Europe. The experts invited from Italy, Turkey, Russia take an active part in the exploitation of this equipment, as well as in the preparation of local specialized personnel. It is no coincidence that, natural fruit juice as well as concentrate and purees that are the main raw materials for the production of fruit juice produced by Gabala Canning Factory are sold not only in Azerbaijan, as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic countries, even the United States and European countries. One of the main principles in the manufacture of all our products that have international quality certificates is the use of local raw materials growing in Azerbaijani copious land. For this purpose, with the help of local farmers Gabala Canning Factory supplies fruit and vegetable products from all regions of the country. Tens of thousands of our countrymen are engaged in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables by our order, which, in its turn, has a positive impact on the development of agriculture in the republic. We deliver our products through a network of distributors covering all cities and regions of the republic to trade enterprises, which means hundreds of new jobs for the people. Our factory is constantly renewed and expanded. New production areas are constructed and assortment of our products increases. Our aim: Provide our nation with high quality, environmentally clean, natural products and promote Azerbaijani products in the world market.
Our mission: To become leading enterprise among manufacturers of ecologically pure, natural products.
Corporate values:
Leadership - we take the lead everywhere;
Professionalism-we know our trade;
Quality- we protect the health of future generations today;
Financial stability- our benefit is the benefit of our Country;
Innovations-We are always in favor of innovation, progress.
Gabala Canning Factory, which is at the forefront of the South Caucasus region for its production capacity, is distinguished by produced natural fruit juice, nectar and concentrate products, environmentally pure, 100% natural, beautiful packaging, original design, an abundance of assortments.  Gabala Canning Factory, with capacity to process 700 000 tons and to produce 210 000 tons of fruit juice and nectar per year, provides full guarantee that its products are 100% natural and are prepared without any additives and preservative.  As a confirmation of it, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 1401:2004, HACCP, İOAS, Kosheri and UKAS certificates of quality and quality control received by Gabala Canning Factory during its activity, can be illustrated.Leading products of Gilan Gabala Canning Factory, which produces up to 100 different types and assortments of products, are “Jalə” and “Золотой Сад” natural fruit juice that has already become an international brand. The working principle of Gilan Gabala Canning Factory covers all the available processes starting from the receipt of products such as raw materials- fruits and vegetables up to packaging.     
The main production units are as follows:
Fruit juice and nectar production;
Pure and concentrate production;
Production of canned fruit slices.
“Jalə” and “Золотой Сад” provides you products such as natural fruit juice and nectars that have preserved naturalness 100% with cherry, apple, pineapple, pear, banana, blackberry, buckthorn, strawberry, apricot, pineapple guava, plum, blackthorn, quince, pomegranate, mango, orange, black currant, peach, tomato, grapes, cornelian cherry and multivitamin assortments. Preparation of natural fruit juice and nectar products - the main leading branch of Gilan Gabala Canning Factory lasts for 7 production lines. Products are manufactured in glass packaging in 2 production lines and in Tetra Pak packaging in 5 production lines. Laboratory of Gilan Gabala Canning Factory equipped with the latest technology takes control over manufacturing process and high quality level of products. Analysis carried out under laboratory condition and the extracts provide full guarantee that manufactured products are 100% natural, without any additives, preservatives. In order to increase production capacity and product diversity of Canning Factory, new projects are developed and more modern equipments are installed. The factory is constantly renewed and expanded. New production areas are constructed; assortments of our products are increased. Today Gilan Gabala Canning Factory demonstrates development schedule during the short period of its activity with no analogue in the world.

Azerbaijan, Gabala city
AZ 3600, E. Karimov Street 34
Telephone:+ (994) 12 511-67-16