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Gabala Milk processing factory

For the employment of people living in regions and the development of agriculture, milk processing factory in Gabala was built at the end of 2007 and was opened by President Ilham Aliyev on September 20, 2008. Cheese, butter, buttermilk, cottage cheese and other dairy products are manufactured in the dairy factory of Gabala region. Factory has been built in the area of 1 hectare. The factory has a power to produce 10 tons of milk daily. 35-40 people have been employed by the factory. Breeding area has been created in order to meet the demand for raw materials of the factory. Milk processing equipment, meeting European standards and manufactured in Turkey, has been installed in our milk processing factories.
Cleaning plants with extremely strong cleaning capacity manufactured in Turkey is used in the milk processing factory. Currently milk and milk products are produced in factory under the name of “Jalə”.