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Gabala grape processing plant

Entrepreneurial development in Gabala is in the limelight. Start-up of "Aspi Winery" grape processing plant of "Aspi-Agro" LLC in the territory of Garadeyn village implies the duration of those measures. The principal target of "Aspi-Agro" LLC, the founder of the plant is to restore the former glory of wine production of ancient history and wide-spread in our Republic and provide Azerbaijan cuisine with the most beautiful vine sorts and wine assortments of high quality. This facility comprises complete production process from growth of vine to turning out fine wine and brandy relying on the application of modern technology and traditions of Azerbaijan wine-makers. "Aspi-Agro" LLC had planted vineyards of large area in Savalan valley, foothills of Greater Caucasus Mounting – Gabala region, the flourishing place of wine industry with unique climatic conditions by establishing close cooperation with the leading companies on vine plants’ production and sale in the world, "VİVA Cooperative Rausedo" VCR (Italy), Gontard Freres" (France). Natural conditions of the area, its location at an altitude of 400 metres above sea level, amount of annual precipitation, annual temperature indicators and soil samples taken from different places and its analyses conducted in the Italian and French company laboratories serve as a basis for growing rare grape varieties of high quality in this territory. According to these indicators vine varieties to be cultivated and their root assemblages had been selected. Vine plants of high quality had been brought on selected sorts and cultivated by assuming necessary agro- technical measures on the basis of present standards. The special techniques had been purchased for conducting seeding and cultivation works in vineyards. All these factors ensure high quality product manufacture with export availabilities. "Aspi Winery" grape processing plant’s annual productive capacity is 1000 tons. The plant was provided with the equipments of one of the most famous Italian companies. 7 product types (“Chardonnary” ,”Viognier”, ”Syrah”, “Cabernet-Merlot”, “Limited- Release”, “Merlo-Desert”, “Reasling”) are produced at present. 11 product types are planned to be produced. All products are manufactured and controlled under the guidance of highly skilled foreign specialists in the plant.  Wine is stored in the oak barrels in cellar by complying with established standards and in the issue of this process wine exudes additional odour. Manufactured wine products are exported to Russia. The export of wine in the future to Ukraine, Italy and Sweden is planned. Minimum jogging, strictly defined temperature, humidity and lighting, necessary microenvironment are available in the warehouse of the plant. The products are stored in oak barrels and cisterns bought from France and Italy. The storage of the product in such barrels results in deposition of solid particles on the barrel bottom and this makes cleaning easier. Besides, major part of wine stored in oak barrels exudes special odour able to turn plain drink into fine wine. The laboratory supplied with the most up-to-date equipments was constructed in the plant. The manufactured products are checked with laser analysis apparatus bought from England and installed only in this enterprise in the CIS area. This apparatus operates without chemicals and enables to define 24 parameters of wine or grape juice with maximum precision within one minute. Such analyses take more than two weeks in standard laboratories. 22 wine varieties, 14 table grape varieties brought from Italy were planted in the 340 ha vine area of the plant. 200 persons were provided with seasonal works.