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Gabala State Vocational Education Center

Gabala State Vocational Education Center

Gabala State Vocational Education Center is an educational institution that carries out training of qualified personnel in the field of tourism, agriculture and other sectors of the region’s economy. According to the order No. F / 545 of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 18.12.2020, “Gabala Vocational School” and the “Gabala Tourism and Hotel Business Training Center” were abolished and on their basis the Gabala State Vocational Education Center was established with the status of a public legal entity, operating on the basis of its own “Charter”. Gabala State Vocational Education Center has two-storey and three-storey educational buildings with an area of about 1,300 square meters. Students and engineering-pedagogical staff have at their disposal 6 hectares of training and production area, 51 ha of experimental area, a total of 70 auditoriums provided with rich educational and technical facilities, subject offices, 3 laboratories and 5 training workshops, a conference hall with 155 seats, a library with thousands of funds, two large boiler houses, a dormitory, a canteen for students and teachers, a computer information center, agricultural equipment, welding equipment, catering equipment. The Gabala State Vocational Education Center is the first vocational education center in the country to use the dual system. Currently, the total number of employees of the Gabala State Vocational Education Center is 173 people (administrative-management staff - 3, administrative-economic staff - 41, Industrial Training Master - 48, teachers - 51). The number of students is 816 people (of which 221 are women). Training in the center is carried out at the expense of state funds and on a paid basis. There is an opportunity to learn a profession in 1-year, 2-year and 3-year (lyceum) groups, including from the general secondary (9th grade) educational base, and from the complete secondary (11th grade) educational base in 6 months and 1 year groups. Our specialties are very varied and diverse:

  • Wide-profile tractor-machinist, repairman-locksmith;
  • Agricultural service specialist;
  • Master of viticulture and wine;
  • Tailor;
  • Electrician for maintenance and repair of electrical equipment;
  • Cook;
  • Operational accountant;
  • Catering specialist in the field of tourism;
  • Tourism organizer;
  • Hotel manager;
  • Candymaker, confectioner;
  • Landscape gardener;
  • Nanny;
  • Livestock specialist;
  • Carpet maker;
  • Locksmith - plumber;
  • Laboratory assistant-microbiologist;
  • Chemistry Lab Assistant;
  • Electric and gas welder;
  • Computer operator;
  • Landscape gardener;
  • Installer of heating-cooling and ventilation installations and equipment;
  • Auto mechanic;
  • Builder;

 After becoming a public legal entity, another successful innovation has been made in the training of personnel at the Center. The highest level of technical vocational education has been taught at the Gabala State Center for Vocational Education since 2021. It is important to note that a high level of technical vocational education is the highest level of vocational education, which means training at the sub-bachelor level. This level of education prepares personnel with theoretical and practical skills who will perform work on the application, adaptation and optimization of various technologies and technical processes. Provides transition opportunities between vocational education and higher education.

  • Web design and software;
  • Organization and management of hotel and restaurant business;
  • Livestock veterinarian;
  • Accounting;
  • Operation of electronics and communication systems;
  • Higher technical education is provided on programming specialties in computer systems.

Each new academic year, the admission plan is updated in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.