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Folk Theatre named after Jalil  Mammadguluzadeh  operates  in  Cultural Center  of  Gabala Region. The theatre   was established  in 1961.In  1962  the  theatre was given  the  name  of   national theatre.  In the  past  the theatre  participated  actively  in   of cultural ten -day  events held  in  Moscow and  Volgagarad.  The  theatre  took an  active  part   in  a  review  competition  of  national  theatres by zone   held  in  Shaki city  on  March 27-28  2008 and  in a  review  competition  of   national people’s  theatres    held  in Shaki  city  in  2009.

The following performances are included in the   theatre’s  repertory.






I.B. Gutgashinli “Rashid  bay  and  Saadat  khanum”, A. Guliyev “Story  of the  walnut” ,  A.Kuprin “Olesya”,  F.Mustafa “I  have  something  to tell  you”, K.Nemat  “New  servant”. Currently there are 6  members  of the  theatre. Sarkarov Fuzuli  Khalil oglu is  director  of  the  theatre. “Zopu-zopu” ethnographic folklore dance ensemble operates  at  Cultural House  of  Bum settlement.  Ensemble was founded  in  1980.  In  1989  the  ensemble was given  a  name  of  people's collective.  Since  its  creation  the  ensemble  gained  popularity  in  the  republic and   beyond  its  borders.  In  was  a  participant  of  All-Union festival  held  in  Moscow  city   in 1982  on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the USSR and  was awarded  with the  diploma  of  the Ministry of Culture of the USSR. It  was  awarded  with a  diploma  of  USSR State Academic Dance Ensemble  for   its   exemplary performance  at  amateur art  holiday   held  in  Moscow city in 1985    on the   occasion  of  40th anniversary of victory in World War II. In  1987,  it   became   the  participant  of  All-Union  Folk Art Festival II  and  won  the title   of  festival  laureate.  In 1988   it took  part  in  all-union  folklore  collectives   review  competition  at the  invitation  of  Composers Union of the USSR and was  awarded  a  diploma.  In  1988  it  performed  in    a worldwide  folklore  festival  held   in  Konfalan and  Djon cities  of France  in the  composition  of “Gulustan”  folklore theatre  and  awarded  a  bronze  medal.  In 1989   it  was  invited  to the 400-year anniversary festival  of Volgograd  city  and   awarded an honorary diploma for exemplary performance. In 1990  the  ensemble took an active  part  in  Azerbaijani ten-day events   held in  Ufa  city.  Ensemble  takes  an active  part   in  district-wide events  and  Novruz  holiday  held  in Azerbaijan  every  year.

The  following performances  are  included  in the theatre’s  repertory.
Zopu play(chain movement, anzali play, triple rotation  and  rapid dances), Camel play ( Turkish folk dance course, child’s  play, urn  play,  Play  with  Bone), Dance  of  brave  men (pigsty rhythms, dance course, battle  with  bludgeons, dance  on the disc).There are currently 10 members of the ensemble.  Artistic director of the ensemble is  Abulov Sakhavat Sadiya oglu. There are 93   immovable  historical  and  cultural  monuments    in  Gabala    region   which  certified   by the  Decision  No 132  of  The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic dated  August  02,  2011.  There are 61 monuments of    local and 31 monuments of country importance.  1 monument is of world importance. 17  monuments  belongs  to  architectural, 69 monuments    to archeological,  4 monuments  to   decorative and applied art example,  2  monuments  garden-park,  monumental and  memorial  monuments. These monuments are the followings.

Central Library.
Central Library of Gabala region has started to operate since 1930. Since 1976 it   has continued its activity as CLS (Centralized Library System).  For the first time,   the  library  began  to  operate  as  a reading  cabin and   then  operated  as  the  library.  CLS  of  Gabala  region  which   unites  1  central  library,  3  city  branches, 3 settlement  branches and  20  village  branches around   has  been  operating  as    the central  library since  1930  and as   CLS  since  1976.  Until  1976  45  libraries  were  operating  in the  Gabala region:  In 1976  the  libraries  in the region were centralized  and  CLS  (Centralized Library System) were  established. 5  Departments and  45  libraries  were  operating  under the   CLS. In  1978-1981,  73  libraries  were  operating  in  the region.  But  in  1982-1986  the  activity  of 3  libraries  were    suspended  due to  unknown reasons. 69 Libraries acted  in the  region  until June   2009.  The consolidation  of  library  branches  city and regional library branches,  their  more  effective  activity  were  provided   in  2.1/5  item  of the  State Program “On  the development of library and information fields of Azerbaijan for the period 2008-2013   approved  by the  Order  dated  October  06,  2008 of the  President  of Azerbaijan  Republic. For providing  the  execution  of  the  State Program  the  Department of Culture and Tourism of Gabala region offered   to  join  42  libraries  out  of  68  to  26  main  libraries. By the  Order  No 77, dated  June  01.2009  of  the  Head  of Gabala Region Executive  Power   maintenance  of  26  city, settlement  and  rural  library branches  that  meeting  modern  standards in the  region  was  considered  expedient.  Thus, CLS  of   Gabala  region   consisted  of  69  library  branches  but  26  libraries   remained  after  the consolidation  of  branches  in June  2009.  1 central, 3 city and  20 rural  libraries. General fund consists of   163303 example of literature. Monographic works- consists of   478 examples.  It has 30045 readers.  Access to the Internet is available. Number  of  records  in electronic catalogue- Books  printed  in Latin-1700,  books in English -361 examples,  Retro catalogue  ( books  published in  Cyrillic script)-700. Reader   formular: 2541. «2009  was  declared  as the  year  of  Automation of  Libraries»  by the  Ministry  in order to execute   the  State  Program “On  the development of library and information fields of Azerbaijan for the period 2008-2013”   approved  by the  Order  dated  October  06,  2008 of  President  of the  Azerbaijan  Republic. At the  same time, according to the  Letter  No 1641/03 dated  on  24.06.2009 of  the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic the  website  of  Gabala  CLS  was  prepared  and  put  at the  Internet  users’ disposal to  provide the  execution  of  «State  Program  on  the development of library and information fields of Azerbaijan for the period 2008-2013».

Historical Ethnography Museum of Gabala.

Gabala Historical-Ethnographic Museum was established in 1980. 13000 exhibits are preserved at museum’s main fund which   reflects   2500 years’ history of Gabala-Azerbaijan. Archaeological, numismatic materials, folk art examples, ancient manuscripts and print books draw particular attention. Doctoral and candidate dissertations  on the basis of these materials. Memorial house-museum of I.B. Gutgashinli and   Martyrs museum branches  were  established. There are  13  exhibition halls, fund,  Heydar Aliyev  memorial halls,  photo gallery, rich scientific library and  exhibition space made from  the  old  ancient stone monuments under the  open sky.  The  pleasant  words  of   the  president  of Azerbaijan  Republic  Ilham Aliyev, academicians Ziya  Bunyadov, Gara Ahmadov, Budag Budagov, Jahangir Gahramanov, artists Rashid Behbudov, Habil Aliyev,  deputies  Fattah  Heydarov, Zalimkhan  Yagub,  foreign  guests Tur  Heyerdal, Oljas  Suleymanov,  Ahmad  Shmide  were  written   in the  comment  books  of  the  museum.