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İcra Hakimiyyəti
Hot line: (+994 24) 205-42-20


Central Regional Hospital
180 CRH  with  180  beds ( 50  of them   are  at  maternity, 50 at surgery, 20  at gynaecological, 40 at  therapy  and  20 at  infection departments), children's hospital with  50 beds, Female consultation,  3  HRA ((Nij, Vandam, Hajalli) totally  75  beds  each  with 25  beds),   6 KHA ( Mirzabayli, Zalam, Bum ( 5 maternity  bed), Tyuntyul, Mykhlykovag and  Tikanly) and 36 FMM (Aydin-Kishlyag, B.Əmilli, Bayramkokha, Bunud, Bilykh, Boyuk-Piraly, Karadein,  Gushlar, Kemervan, Dashlija, Dizakhly, Zaragan, Ziring, Zargarli, Yemishanli, Yenikend, Kichik Piralli, Kichik Amilli, Kurd, Kotuklu, Laza, Mamayli, Melikli, Mammadaghaly, Nourkyshlak, Savalan, Seidkyshlak, Solguj, Soltannukha, Tola, Uludash, Khyrkhata, Ch.Gabala, Hamazalli, Jigatelli, Amirvan  villages) provide  service. All the  departments  of  CRH  were fundemantally  repaired  and  autonomous wood and gas heating system was put  into  operation.  732   employees work at   (579 women, 143  men) central  regional  hospital. There are   138 doctors, 364   paramedical staff and  230 junior medical officer.  1 doctor operates as a candidate of medical sciences and 2 persons as  an  honorary doctor.

Treatment and  Diagnostic  Center 
New  Treatment-Diagnostic  centre  was built and put  into  use  in  Gabala city,   200  places  were taken  into account  for  the  work  of  employees in the  Centre.      There are  the  following  departments .
1. X-ray diagnostics
2. Department of Surgery.
3. Department of Intensive Care.
4. Polyclinic Department
5. Department of dialysis.
Departments  were  provided  with  the most  modern equipments. Equipments  are  the  followings :
1. Computer ray diagnostics.
2. Digital spiral computer tomography.
3. Digital x-ray equipment.
4. Ultrasound  examination  apparatus .
5. ECHO.
6. Computer strestest.
7. Computer  endoscopy.
8. Compute colonoscopy.
9. Computer spirometry.
10. Computer   electrocardiograph.
Contact  numbers  of Treatment and  Diagnostic Center  are the  following :
1. (024) 205-41-00 – Head Doctor.
2. (024) 205-41-60 - Deputy Head Doctor