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İcra Hakimiyyəti
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Gabala Archaeological Center

In recent years, an important place in the identification of the rich history of Gabala is presented by the works performed by SEBA - Association on the exchange of cultures of Azerbaijan and Korea. Within recent years, as a result of archaeological research and excavations conducted jointly by Korean specialists and Azerbaijani scientists new and unidentified pages of the history of Gabala are discovered. These data can be found in Gabala Archaeological Center, which was built with the support of SEBA. The three-story building in Gabala Archaeological Center consists of an exhibition hall, an archaeological fund, restoration laboratory, conference room, as well as premises for the work of archaeologists. Here, at the same time the office of Gabala State Historical-Artistic Reserve is functioning. In the center the joint excavation works are carried out by archaeologists from Korea under the organizational support of SEBA and Gabala archaeological group of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of ANAS. Archaeological excavations carried out mainly in the field of the ancient city of Gabala and territories of Salbir and Gala. New artifacts found during the excavations are demonstrated after restoration in the laboratories of the Archaeological Center, meeting the most modern technologies.