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Youth and Sports Department of Gabala region has  been  operating since  1995. 6  positions  have  been approved  in the  office  for  the staff schedule  and  these positions  are: Head  of Department,  Deputy Chief, Adviser, Accountant, Senior Consultant and  two  positions  of  Leading  Adviser.
Department  carried  out  State  Youth and  State  Sports  policy  in the  region. Currently,  sections  on the  type  of  combat  such as  taekwondo, freestyle  wrestling, judo, goju-do karate, kickboxing, boxing, arm wrestling, sayokan  are  operating   at the department  on social  bases.  The same sections  operate  in  one regional center  and   settlements.   Activity   of  the  Department  has been directed  to the  implementation  of  youth  policy  and  to the  development  of  sport  pursuant  to the  work  plan  agreed  by  the   Ministry of Youth and Sports and Region Executive Power. Employees  of the  department and  youth  of  our region  take  an active  part  in the social and political life of  the  region and approach  to the  given  tasks with  responsibility.   Recently, the  events  held  for  military patriotism and  for the  purpose  of training  of    teenagers and youth for military service in the ranks of the army  has become  very  important  and  as  a result  of this,  the teams of  our region  achieved success at regional and national competitions  on the  multisport  such as  “Falcon”, “Braves”, “Border”,  “I'm Ready To Protect  The Motherland!”.  Towards the implementation of the youth policy the competitions for  patriotism, respect for state symbols in young  people, protection of moral and religious values and  essay writing, painting, music and poetry competitions held  among  upper-class pupils  on various  subjects  have been  prepared  and  conducted  by  the  department. Holding   of  Knowledge  contests,  "Khamsa" National Intellectual Games, test, essay, quizzes for assessing  knowledge and skills has  become  a traditional event.  Certain actions are  carried  out  related to  the  provision  of  employment  of the  unemployed  youth,  stimulation of their business activities and  educational work in this field. As in all regions of our Republic, modern sports facilities and   huge sports  complexes  are also  operating  in  Gabala region.  Olympic Sports Complex, base  of  “Gabala” football club, stadiums, Racing  Complex, Shooting Center built  and  commissioned   in Gabala region as well as  Summer and Winter Mountain Skiing Recreation  Complex “Tufan” and  “Golf Resort "sports and recreation center of  which construction  is  being  continued  can  be shown  as an  obvious  example. Besides, every year    sports grounds and  simple sports facilities of  secondary  schools  are  repaired  fundamentally  by the  Region Executive Power  and  facilities  with  expiring  exploitation  are  replaced with the  new  ones.  Year after   year, sports  halls  of   the schools  are  repaired fundamentally  and  new  halls are  constructed. Also,   large number of events held  in the  field  of sports have  been  important  for  our  athletes  and they  became national champions   and  the winners  of  national international competitions on the  athletics, judo, football, volleyball, chess, freestyle wrestling, taekwondo, kickboxing, karate,  martial arts.  Along with these, many international and national-level competitions- International tournament on “Offroard” car race, International   cycling tournament  dedicated  to the  memory  of the  National Leader  attended   by  20 teams from 17 countries,   I Gabala Cup Soccer Tournament attended  by  6   European clubs among  the teams  consisting  of  footballers up to  15  years,  mass  sports event  called  “Olympic Road March”, Azerbaijan Bicycle Championship, Game  Festival  were held. As the   material and  technical  base  of sports gains strength,  Azerbaijani  combined teams   for  wrestling, boxing, taekwondo and other  types  of sports come  to Gabala  for  the training. One of the goals put forward is that every youth should engage in sports, because by strengthening health, increasing the physical culture it is possible to create a basis for future. Based on the principle of “healthy mind in healthy body” it can be said that, healthy youth are growing up in Gabala.