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İcra Hakimiyyəti
Hot line: (+994 24) 205-42-20

Haydar Aliyev Center

Total area is 0,50 hectares, the area under construction is 812 m2. There is 1 briefing hall, 6 administrative rooms and auxiliary rooms in the center. Exhibition hall covering 335 m2 area is divided into 14 parts. There are more than 340 exhibits reflecting various moments of the Great leader’s life in those parts. Those are historical documents, books and photographs about the life activities of the Great leader. On the whole, there are more than 550 exhibits in the Center. Haydar Aliyev Center was officially inaugurated by the President of Azerbaijan Republic on 02.03.2007 during his visit to Gabala. There is skilful hands circle, computer courses, music circle, art studio and an electronic library in the Center. Research group was formed in the Center for the purpose of collecting materials related to the visits of National Leader Heydar Aliyev to Gabala and recording memories associated with great leader. 12 employees work in the Center. The Center welcomes more than 4500 visitors on average throughout the year.