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İcra Hakimiyyəti
Hot line: (+994 24) 205-42-20

"Gabaland" entertainment center

Gabaland – festivity of entertainment and nature in Gabala

Enter the marvelous world of Gabala. This center is full of entertainment and feelings of joy.  Come and see the most famous entertainment park in Azerbaijan, full of magnificent amusement rides for children and adults as well as different and interesting events. Gabaland – is the perfect place for family recreation. We run continuously throughout year.Gabaland – is the number one amusement park of Azerbaijan and the most entertaining and exciting place of recreation. The leading park in the Caucasus region, Gabaland welcomes you with amazing amusement rides, endless joy for your family and fantastic hotel Gabala Resort. You can get national souvenirs from the shops in the park made by local craftsmen.Convenient and wide parking space, wonderful mountain view, the cleanest air, tasty dishes in the restaurants and cafes, beautiful garden full of fragrant flowers – all these are waiting for you in Gabaland with 16 ha area.

Let us entertain You and your family in Gabaland Amusement Park.

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